Dream - explore dreams world and find a way to wake up
(game was made for a game jam)

You've fallen asleep while working on an important project, find a way to wake up.

Mouse to walk, collect items
GUI buttons to perform some actions
Q,E - zoom camera

p.s. game has two endings.


WinFinal.zip 78 MB
MacOSFinal.zip 88 MB
AndroidFinal.apk 81 MB


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Right i scowered your game for like 25 minutes, picking up every forest berry looking for another ending, am fuming

where is it!

sorry =) I thought that it would be easy to find.
To get another ending you just need to be more insisted on an idea of going back to bed =)

Hi. I tried your game. It was very fitting for the topic. really buggy indeed.

found both endings. very nice.